Thursday, January 1, 2015


Thank you so much for reading newgazzi, and prior to that, The Litmus Configuration, since July of 2009.  I think we brought smiles to your faces, whether you were a music fan, an SNL fan, a wrestling fan.  I just wanted to write about things I enjoyed, and find like minded people to share them with.

This isn't the last you'll hear of me, in fact, most of the content you were used to getting from newgazzi will still be delivered, on the newgazzi Facebook page, but without the strict deadlines I've put upon myself since I started this.  You'll still get newgazzi playlists, but not necessarily on the last Friday of every month.  You'll get a newgazzi playlist when we have 15 great new songs to share.   Future Fugazzi Grand content will be delivered here and there, without the daily need to post.  I'm pretty sure we'll do that much talked about tag team tournament at some point (with the help of Andy Gilmartin and Scott Wisniewski).

With that being said, this is the last post that I will ever publish here.  It's newgazzi Vol 23, consisting of songs from the top 15 albums of Fugazzi Grand III ....

Enjoy, and hopefully we'll see you on Facebook (newgazzi) ...

Track 1 ... "A Salty Salute" by Guided By Voices

Track 2 ... "Sometimes a Fantasy" by Billy Joel

Track 3 ... "The Good Life" by Weezer

Track 4 ... "Getting Better" by The Beatles

Track 5 ... "Breaking Us in Two" by Joe Jackson

Track 6 ... "Josephine" by Magnolia Electric Co.

Track 7 ... "The Stranger" by Billy Joel

Track 8 ... "Say It Ain't So" by Weezer

Track 9 ... "My Life" by Billy Joel

Track 10 ... "And Your Bird Can Sing" by The Beatles

Track 11 ... "I've Seen That Movie Too" by Elton John

Track 12 ... "Lover, You Should Have Come Over" by Jeff Buckley

Track 13 ... "Take the Long Way Home" by Supertramp

Track 14 ... "Karen" by The National

Track 15 ... "Midnight Lullaby" by Tom Waits

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fugazzi Grand III : My Top 500 Albums (#1)

(#1, Pinkerton by Weezer)

I told you I would return when the robins makes his nest, but I ain't never coming back ...

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

Check back tomorrow for newgazzi Vol 23, for the final post in this blog's history.  Thank you for reading newgazzi, and I hope you enjoyed Fugazzi Grand III : My Top 500 Albums ...

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fugazzi Grand III : My Top 500 Albums (#2)

(#2, Grace by Jeff Buckley)

The most beautiful record ever recorded.  So beautiful, I named my daughter after it.  That's all I have to say ...

Here is "Grace", "Last Goodbye" and "Lover, You Should Have Come Over" ...

Monday, December 29, 2014

Fugazzi Grand III : My Top 500 Albums (#3)

(#3, Josephine by Magnolia Electric Co.)

I miss you, Jason Molina.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fugazzi Grand III : My Top 500 Albums (#4)

(#4, Revolver by The Beatles)

For years, I've been listening to the Abbey Road vs Sgt Pepper's debate as to which was the best Beatles album.  They're all wrong!  It's Revolver !!!  This is a perfect album, from start to finish.  And it only seems appropriate that I'm sharing this on a Sunday morning, as it as been a long standing tradition in my home to play Beatles records on Sunday morning.  Thinking of you today, dad.

Here is "Eleanor Rigby", "Here, There and Everywhere" and "And Your Bird Can Sing" ...